Summer Holiday Tips!

We asked a pair of our favourite Mums in business, the fabulous Erin Thomas-Wong of Making Mumpreneurs, and the brilliant Shelley Henderson of Ealing Mums in Business, to give us their number one tips for juggling kids and work during the summer holidays. And this is what they said…



“Swapping playdates with a friend – one day you have their children and another day you have theirs. Works really well and the kids are happy to spend time with their friends :)”


“Be realistic with what you can achieve! Put things in place before the holidays to schedule social media, email newsletters etc., and only plan to do the urgent tasks while you have the kids at home to keep the business ticking over.”


Great tips! And in order to achieve these, there’s one piece of advice WE would like give you and that is to PLAN!! It’s a word we use a lot and in the case of the summer holidays it’s crucial – not only so that your business keeps ticking over during the holidays but also so that you can enjoy those precious summer days with the children!

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