Top 5 Tips For Choosing Your Social Channels

It’s tempting to be on every social media channel going. But for a small business, this is incredibly time consuming. With so much else to get done, it’s not a practical use of resources. Read our top tips to really get you thinking about what works best for your specific organisation

  • Social media strategy goals:

What does your business strive to gain from social media? This is about your achieving YOUR business goals, not just spending time on your favourite channel!

  • Meet your goals:

New social media channels are popping up all the time. Consider what the advantages and disadvantages are of each channel and identify which will meet your business goals.

  • Don’t try to be everywhere:

Be selective, choose 2 primary channels that best suit your business. Be brilliant on those channels rather than less then average on many. If a channel doesn’t work for you, don’t waste time on it.

  • Consider your content:

This depends hugely on your type of business. If your content is sharing industry updates or white papers, Instagram is unlikely to work for you, however if you have large amounts of image based content then it might be the perfect fit

  • You must understand your customers to find your customer:

Drill down to understand EVERYTHING you can about them and find where they spend time online. If they’re not on the channels you’ve chosen, it’s time to rethink!

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